Sermon:   Authourity




When we mention the word authority, the first thing that we have to think of is who is the recipient of authority and who gives authority

There are two types of authority


1. The authority of God 

2. Authority of that of man.


These are further broken down to another 3 categories.

Traditional authority, moral-legal authority and finally spiritual authority.


Authority of God comes from His power, sample ( let there be light and there was light) the word of God becomes authority while the authority of that of a man comes from the power given to man to exercise authority or to control 


For man to exercise authority, man must possess power to do so. As it will be difficult to give authority without being empowered.


Power and authority are not the same but they are interwoven


Authority is the moral or legal rights, or the ability to control which can also be referred to as “power”


Roman 13: 1-2 

Established that all authority that exist on earth comes from the sovereign of the whole universe “ God “ therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God since all authority comes from Him.


Daniel 14: 25-34*

 Nebuchadnezzar was taking away from the position of given authority. When he boasted that power belongs to him.


This is a pure  prove that authority is of God and not from man. Man is recipient of authority through God's empowerment to delegate such authority.


Sometimes authority does not imply superiority, because anybody can give authority but superiority come with the empowerment to discharge the authority which must be obeyed.


Finally authority can be defined as the word of power and when discharge must be obeyed. Any word that has no fulfillment does not carry power. So authority and power work together.


Act 19: 11-15

Records the story of the apostles that wanted to cast out demon and in reply the demon answered them “Jesus I know and Paul I know about but who are you” The statement mean that the demon querried their empowerment that enables them to give such authority he said that he recognised the authority of that of Jesus and Paul,who has been empowered to give authority.


God will not give you the authority to discharge without first giving you the power to exercise such authority.


Matthew 9-5 talk about the story of a man that was lame, but when he got in contact with Jesus He simply told him to take his sick bed and go home as his sins have been forgiven

This simply tells us that Jesus has the empowerment to discharge authority to forgive sins.


Romans 13: 1-5

With the few illustrations given above plus the one in this book of Romans.  We will come to conclusions that God institute power to man to give authority whosoever that rebel against such authority rebels against what God has instituted, as all power comes from God and any form of disobedience will definitely have consequences.



God is the sole owner of both the power and authority and when He gives to man. He gives so that man can exercise His authority, So what happens is that when man refuse to exercise such authority then it becomes a sin and follow by punishment.example such power and authority can be withdrawn from such man


Ephesians 6: 5-6.

It is difficult to obey Christ when you find it difficult to obey those that God has empowered to exercise His authority through His power.

The power of God in man gives him the confidence and authourity.


Peter must have passed through the front of beautiful gate several times seeing the lame man there but did not have the confidence to approach him in order to heal him, but the moment he became empowered after the incident at the upper room, this gives him the authority to approach the lame man and says “ silver, gold I have none but in the name of Christ I command you stand up and immediately the man jumped up from his lameness.



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