Prophet Abiodun Arogundade



Prophet Abiodun Arogundade was born a Muslim in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Prophet Abiodun is married. He was into fisheries and other legal businesses while in Nigeria.


He has being attending Churches since 1985


Prophet Abiodun Arogundade did not belief in prophesy nor Prophets until he had a calling from God sometime in 1996 during a prayer session. He has being operating in the office of Prophet from the date.


Prophet Abiodun had different challenges in life both Physical and Spiritual

He had a missed vatal accident when he disobeyed an instruction from  God which told him not to embark on a journing but to stay in church environment for the day, but on his way he had an accident and was hospitalise for a year


Thankfully to God for He spared his live.


​Despite different revelations from Pastors and Prophets that  Abiodun should hearken to the voice of God and form a ministry according to the word of God.


Prophet Abiodun strongly believes that one can be called an serves in an existence ministry and he continually to do so until 2010 when he had a strong instruction towards the formation of Covenant God Ministries International Church.


Covenant God Ministries International Church name was given through the ministration of a song into Prophet Abiodun's ear and was backed with some bible passages in which one can be found in Exodus 19: 5." Now therefore, if ye obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine:"


Since the formation of the ministry signs and wonders has being in recording and we bless

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